The Best of 2014...

Film of the Year


Honourable mention: Gone Girl


TV Show of the Year


True Detective

True Detective's explosively good debut season has already been buried underneath the heap of McConaughey lampoons that have rode alongside his second-wind success. So if you watch it now, you'll probably only hear David Wooderson, or Taran Killam's hysterical McConoughey charicature from SNLor realize athat Kate Hudson could've done well as a casino-touring McConoughey impressionist. All you hear is the lampooning when you hear the very person being lampooned talk, like a Keanu or an Arnold. But this show is bigger than a comical southern drawl. If you like Cormac McCarthy (books and film), you'll probably really enjoy this show. It's one brain-breaking, messed-up, southern-gothy, terrifying, non-linear, complicated, not-your-typical-buddy-cop drama and it's worth setting aside a measly week and a half and all the alraght-alraght-alraght's in the world to watch.

Honourable mention: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (I can't tell if it's an objectively good show, I biasly hop on any vehicle that Lorne Michaels is driving)


Book of the Year

Gone Girl


Album(s) of the Year


LP1 - FKA Twigs


Disappoints (albums) of the Year

You're Dead! - Flying Lotus

I didn't hate this album, but I didn't end up loving it as much as his others (his show this year, however, was dopest)


Album From Way Back That I Missed, But Got Into This Year

Oshin - DIIV (2012)

This album was on heavy rotation when riding planes and trains during the Japan portion of my trip this year. It was kind of like Sofia Coppola had handed this to me and said, "This will probably go with what you're viewing and how you're feeling."


Best Song of the Year

THIS NONSENSE. Total number of listens on my iTunes? 225. I only grabbed this track in AUGUST.

Runner-up: Charli XCX's Boom Clap.


Best New Artist of the Year

FKA Twigs. I saw her live this year and everything about her is just ethereal. I don't think she's human actually.


Overrated Artist of the Year

Iggy Azaela


Concert of the Year

FKA Twigs - August 8, 2014 @ The Danforth Music Hall

Again, if the heavens had a voice and they sang, they would sound like FKA Twigs.

Honourable mentions: Fuck Buttons, June 19th, 2014 @ Adelaide Hall for NXNE.


Haunt of the Year

Sud Forno. I recommend: The Nutella Bombolone (the large size, don't be a pussy).


New Addiction of the Year

Cycling. Always. I should just name this addiction of the life.


Street to Ride Through Of The Year

Palmerston Boulevard. It's 'cause of the lamp posts.


Food of the Year

The Nutella Bombolone:


Best New Discovery of the Year

Sex and relationship columnist Dan Savage's podcast, Savage Lovecast.

Honourable mention: baking soda.


Memorable Death of the Year

Robin Williams


Word(s) of the Year


Lessons I've learned about control: Control assumes really nuanced guises these days so always be critically thinking, 24/7. Keep "wriggling". Choose, with conviction, which hills to die on. Retain your autonomy. Recognize that what's true or good for others and their lives isn't necessarily true or good for you and your life. Don't catch yourself under the thumb of others who arrogantly think they know better than you (in conjunction with the last sentence). And learn when to give fucks and when to not! 


Worst Word of the Year



Man of the Year

Jesse Brown. Thank-you for defaulting to believing women, for not gaslighting them, for not shaming them, like so many others would.


Douche(s) of the Year

Jian Ghomeshi


Woman of the Year



Malala Yousafzai.

In 2012, I lumped Yousafzai in the "honourable mentions" category (that year, my ex's cousin took home 'Woman of the Year', an inexhaustible social justice warrior, feminist, artist, mother-- just a force to be reckoned with, she completely deserved it). 2012 was the year Yousafzai was shot in the head by the Taliban. She's since stood back up and has continued to tirelessly fight for young girls' right to education. This is the year she was given the Nobel Peace Prize, which I think was thoroughly deserved. Her voice is an important one, a powerful one, and I continue to follow her fierce, captivating life trajectory.


Woman-We-Don’t-Want-Playing-For-Our-Team-Anymore of the Year

All those that said they didn't want to play on our team. 

And also: Iggy Azalea.


Girl Crush of the Year

FKA Twigs


"Holy shit" Moment(s)/Realizations/Awesomeness of the Year

"Holy shit, I can ride fixed!"

"Holy shit, I rode 100k."

"Holy shit, this is the furthest I've ever been away from home!"

"Holy shit, I am surfing in Bali!"

"Holy shit, I am in Japan."

"Holy shit, I am on a billboard in Union Station-- and I wish I had photographic evidence of this, but all I can do is link you to the Facebook page of the ones responsible for this [where you will also see my photos]."


Friend of the Year

G. Chou

The Ilana to my Abbi, thank-you, gf. You've been an amazing presence in my life. Here's to even more adventures, hilarity, and pig-outs :) :) :)

Honourable mention: The Toronto Fixed community - each and every one of you that I met this year were so good to me and you did more for me than you can understand just by riding alongside me. We're happiest when riding, we're most united when we eat shit and we all know that this is all that matters and all that should matter (well, and having a sweet whip we'd sell our first borns for). Fixed fixed me, so thank-you.


Regret of the Year

Missing that kieran race in Tokyo :(


Things I’m Looking Forward To in 2015

I really don't know! This year was full of surprizes and I feel like 2015 will have even more surprizes. So let's see!