Mad K Beyond Velodrome: Acknowledgments...


Quick rundown: from February 6th to March 28th, I attended an 8-week intro course at the Milton velodrome to learn how to ride track (and in the midst, get certified to ride track at said velodrome, a bucket list item of mine). It ended up turning into an unexpected stretched-out, arduous journey that I later felt like I wasn't going to be able to see through to the end. But the journey has met its end, I got certified midway, I completed the course, and all of this was made possible due to some super supportive major players in my life:

C. Buchan, aka: Sergeant CheeseburgerLegs -  My spinning instructor really whipped my ass into shape and remained encouraging and supportive throughout. He certainly brought the hurt and suffering, but never without comforting words when I was losing my grip on the track (not literally, I'd be dead right now if that were the case). He was largely the reason why I was able to survive a structured track course these last eight weeks.

V. Chan - I absolutely loved having this person as my track buddy. Fun, funny, matched my nerdy passion for bikes and cycling, neutralizing my crazy, and overall keeping it light. I really can't imagine having done this with anyone else, she was kick-ass company. 

Sandra - for carting mine and V.'s asses up to Milton every goddamn Saturday morning. I really do resent the velo for being placed so far away from Toronto, but kind and generous people like Sandra made this trip easier. Also: she is a fuckin' G on the track!

My instructors (Chantelle; Josée; Rick/Dan; Scary Scott): For putting up with my oftentimes bitchiness, moodiness, arrogance, know-it-allness, and speed-demoness. Thanks for keeping my ego in check and, y'know, teaching me how to ride track!

During these last two months, I had a strict schedule of hitting up spinning 2-3 times a week, with  "Leg Day" in between in order to keep up at the track (and I also have a regular full-time, daytime 9/5 job). I also had to squeeze in modelling work I was fortunately receiving. Any time I had off was dedicated to recovering and allowing myself to have a lazy evening to myself. Continually blowing off close friends, plans, and events and denying myself to have any sort of social life not only made me begin to descend into madness, but it also made me feel like a self-hating, shitty, self-important absent friend, especially when I couldn't make my excuses sound good, important, or understandable enough. So to the rest who are still my friend and don't resent me too much, who offered love, support, and encouragement along the way, thank-you. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. Thanks for sticking around.

Next stop: race certification!