The Best of 2017...

Film of the Year

Blade Runner 2049


Honourable mentions: Dunkirk

TV Show of the Year

Rick & Morty, S. 03, by leaps and bounds...


Honourable mentions: BoJack Horseman; Broad City S. 04; Game of Thrones S. 07; Stranger Things 2; The Expanse S. 02; Brooklyn Nine-Nine S. 04 (yes, I'm behind because of Netflix)

Documentary of the Year



I didn't watch any others.

Book of the Year

The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls


Disappoints: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. 
From way back: Child of God by Cormac McCarthy (but I love McCarthy, he's one of my favourite authors AND a fallback author of mine if I have nothing else to read); The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
What I missed:  Chuck Klosterman X by Chuck Klosterman (also a favourite, just never got around to getting this one).

Album of the Year



Honourable mentions: I See You, the xx; A Deeper Understanding, The War on Drugs; Take me Apart, Kelela. 

I still have a lot to go through. But damn well artists can time these things; they AIM to have their albums finished so that they can be released by a certain date, so I don't understand year-end releases trying to squeak through because I've already made up my mind by this point. Sorry Björk and The National

On another note, it's so worth talking about this post-hip-hop/post R&B movement that's blazing through right now. I'd like to say that artists really wanted to flex their artistry and they purposely bent these genres to make them really evolve. But perhaps it's just a natural progression in these genres' evolutions. I can't tell. But it fucking sounds good. Not pretentious, not unlistenably (?) avant-garde, just molasses sexy good. The Weeknd came close, but the money, fame, and women were too good and it thrust him onto a typical path of producing just digestible radio pop now. But now we have Kelela, Syd/The Internet, SZA, NAO, Vince Staples, DVSN, Solange, Frank Ocean, the trove is so rich right now. And it could very well be the reason why Björk and The National aren't on my radar. 

Best Song of the Year

...Despacito? ...j/k, j/k. For me, it was Say Something Loving by the xx.

Best New Artist of the Year



Overrated Artist of the Year

Drake. Probably. Again.

Concert of the Year

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The War on Drugs. This show was goddamn mind-blowing, I remember everyone coming out of the venue at the end hold their brains in liquid form in their hands. It may have been the best show I've seen in the last five years. 

Honourable mention: YQY Tour with Ilana Glazer and Phoebe Robinson

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Podcast of the Year

2 Dope Queens, recognize.


Honourable mentions: The Ringer's The Rewatchables, particularly this episode about the movie, Speed (LOLOLOL); Esther Perel's Where Do We Begin?

Website of the Year

I don't believe I had one this year!? 

YouTube Channel of the Year

First We Feast, particularly the Hot Ones series with Sean Evans. Here is my favourite episode from this year. Padma Lakshmi is not my spirit animal, she is what I can only wish my spirit animal would be...

And not really a channel, but I love watching the Matty Matheson series on Vice's Munchies channel. Check it -> Matty Matheson makes an almost airtight, bulletproof lemon meringue cheesecake pie. 

Instagram of the Year

I wish I was about to mention something more profound or interesting or stunning here, but the IG account of the year for me really was that mom that dresses up their coma-napping kid in different costumes...

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I have all kinds of mixed feelings and issues with putting your kid on such a large and public platform with that much reach AND CAPITALIZING OFF OF IT when your kid can't even conceive consenting to being part of such a concept hashtagTheTrumanShow (and time will only tell on whether Joey's going to have a whole gamut of mental issues to deal with when she ages out of this). It's hella exploitative! But I really can't lay off looking at this account on the reg. Their Instagram story feed is literally my mukbang channel. I'm boggled by my own fascination watching this bundle of cute circles simply just eating. It's ridiculous.

Addiction of the Year

It was perhaps potato chips. This cycling season, I was nearing consuming a large bag per week. Also, Bulk Barn have these highly addictive seasoned dried chick peas and they're fucking LIT.

Ride of the Year

Pizza ride! :) 

Food of the Year

No seriously, potato chips. I've never eaten so many bags (I really was averaging one large bag per week this cycling season, it was disgusting). My friend Andre introduced me to these and it was all over:


Anything salt-bomby, vinegary just hits the spot. Mmmmnumnumnumnum.

App of the Year

Spotify. I was able to stay on top of music since getting a Spotify Premium account and it's so worth it to me to pay the $10.00 per month. I'm back to dropping obscure artist names and scoffing at people for not knowing them. 

Also: Slack. I'm mostly proud that I just know how to use it now, it's nothing special really.

Memorable Death of Year

My "Uncle Joe" (Dr. Joseph Wong). My Uncle Joe passed In November at 86 years old. You couldn't say we were close, I just knew him. But his death left a sinkhole of a void on my dad's side of the family because he was such a massive presence in our family and was so bafflingly alpha. Wives (!), kids, and grand kids. An elite athlete in both basketball and tennis. A famous pioneer in the world of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, recognized and revered both here and in China. He read. He cooked. A ladykiller (straight-up, bitches loved him). A doting and devoted husband in the last 30 years. And in spite of his popularity and how busy he was, he always managed to somehow spend so much time with my dad, whether it be whipping his ass in tennis or attending a basketball or hockey game with him. His ending was really quite terrible and sad, being inundated with illness after illness and suffering greatly for having lead such a healthy life throughout. He raged hard against the dying light. And so we were all able to breathe out after he passed. You were a Great man, Uncle Joe.

Honourable mention: Gord Downie.

Word of the Year

RESET. My therapist, June, taught me this one. I've made strides combating my anxiety this year and saying the word 'reset' to myself was a big part of that. If I spun myself silly with my anxiety and I suddenly couldn't tell up from down, I'd tell myself to 'reset'. Permit myself to start over. Give myself another chance to go at it again. And my grip on everything would suddenly loosen. 

Worst Word of the Year

It's a tie between 'CUCK' and 'SNOWFLAKE'. 'SNOWFLAKE' is an interesting one because it's meant to burn someone by mocking someone's self-perceived uniqueness (the target is usually not even focused on themselves in the moment, they're just sticking up for someone else).  But the people who're verbally weaponizing 'SNOWFLAKE' are cry-baby white dudes who believe they're part of an exceptional group that needs protection from other groups. All of their beliefs are predicated on their perception of their own intrinsic uniqueness and exceptionalism and for that, no other group matters and are not allowed to share in any space. It makes no sense to me. But that's cognitive dissonance in a nutshell for you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Man of the Year

It wasn't a good year for men this year. I award you no points and may God have no mercy on your souls. I know some of you are trying. But you must do better. 

Oh, except for Robert Mueller.

Douche(s) of the Year

Most to all of you. (except for Matt, who believes communication, openness, and boundary-respecting are all paramount).

Woman of the Year

Oh man. Who to say even. Elizabeth Warren? Sally Yates? Women in STEM? This fucking gangster-ass!? And this one!? Rose McGowan!? Hard to say. We're all deep in the trenches right now and we're all fighting the hard fight. 

Woman We Don't Want Playing For Our Team Anymore

Women who don't believe and dismiss victims of sexual assault (oh they're out there). 

Influence of the Year

I don't know. There may not have been one this year.

WTF Moments of the Year

We're still stuck in a very long and ongoing moment of Donald Trump actually existing as the President of the United States. That is peak WTF.

"Holy shit" Moment(s)/Realizations/Awesome of the Year

-Matt graduating from Masters of Architecture
-Matt moving home
-Me becoming certified to practice chocolate
-Matt and I travelling together (whether to Chicago or bike touring!) 
-Hitting a record of 189km ridden on a single ride
-Me combating cycling anxiety (I mean, ongoing, but I've made it over some daunting hurdles this year)
-Watching my first pro, world-class bike race in Montreal
-Being able to participate in @BYO_Diner
-Buying a cyclocross bike and loving the shit out of it... haha, what the actual fuck (I swore to myself that I was never going to ride cross)
-Began swimming as off-season cross-training (I thought I'd never be a swimmer)
-Moving in with Matt in our new apartment.

Year-End Note...

...I'm really tired.

See you in eighteen.