Hey, what's up?

Too. Busy. Living.

Starting from the bottom...

1) I'm a certified chocolatier now. No business right now, but you... yes, you... will be the first to know when that's happening.

2) Matt and I went to Chicago for the long weekend to treat ourselves after an arduous and challenging year and a bit of "hanging in there" in our respective institutions. We ate our weight in food and broke our wallets at Rapha

3) I think chocolate school helped me lay down a foundation to enable me to do this new gig as the desserts/pastry chef: @byo_diner. I'm still struggling to describe what BYO Diner is, but essentially the format is one big lit dinner party that Tom and Dave throw every month at Dave's living space (a repurposed garage), with the menu changing as frequently. I know Tom through Matt (he's Matt's sister's boyfriend) and I only met Dave the day I started working for them (they work[ed] together at Bar Begonia). I sort of let myself in when I saw they were putting out a million appetizers and entrees, but no dessert to cap their epic meal times. I'm two events in now and they haven't kicked me off the team. I think I'm doing something right? But I'm super happy and proud to be a part of this, it's a unique culinary experience that removes the usual grinding and spirit-breaking shittiness that comes with working in a traditional restaurant. And it's one I obviously can't describe well, but one you'd get once you come to one of these. RSVP!


4) So many false starts to this cycling season, I cannot even with this menopausal weather right now. But the off-days are helping me up my cycling game. I'd like to hit a higher average speed and just be generally stronger on my bike (but this is everyone). I think this one will prove to be a pricey season as well as I have my eye on a new wheelset (I want to ride a lighter bike ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). I'm also bike-sitting @_chenzhili's cyclocross bike while she's gone for three and a half months touring the middle east and Scandinavia. She's so real and bad-ass, I love her. This also means that I'm trying out a new discipline, one that I was 100% against a few seasons ago. But I'm intrigued by touring... and without having to go full bike tourist, riding a cross bike seems like a happy medium between touring and road. 

5) I'm still very much a part of what is now officially BOWW (Bikes on Wheels Women). We came into this season roaring and super present and I'm hella proud to be a part of this gang of bad-asses. It makes me giddy seeing all the new women from different Toronto cycling clubs join us in the mornings. I'm just beside myself when I see someone upload on Strava titling their log "my first BOWW ride!". I love us so much, SO MUCH--

6) However, I should clear up that I'm no longer a part of Dark Horse Flyers and I'm actually OCA-registered with Batemen's Bicycle Company's Shack Pack Cycling Club (I can't even begin to make sense out of why Bateman's wasn't just the umbrella club for both rec cycling and racing and they decided to establish a separate club for rec cycling.... but anyway, just to clear up any confusion: Bateman's is the bike shop and the race team, Shack Pack established by Bateman's is the rec cycling club). I have absolutely no beef with Dark Horse Flyers and I still maintain that they're an amazing Toronto cycling club. They taught me soooo much when I first started group road riding and that information is invaluable to me. But because they're so based out in the east end and I live out in the west end, it's difficult for me to be punctual for their rides. I wish I was able to ride with them more frequently, but time and where I work and live doesn't allow that to happen easily. If you're asking why I didn't just OCA-register with BOW/BOWW since I'm so close to them and identify strongly with them (and I'm going to lay this out as objectively as I can, you can form your own opinions): Bikes On Wheels were actually previously OCA club affiliated, but this year, there was high demand for a race team to be formed. So they've changed their status from an OCA-club affiliate to an OCA private race team. I don't race so it wouldn't make sense for me to register with BOW. BOWW is also not an OCA club affiliate. This left me feeling very vulnerable as I'm one who likes to bounce between Toronto clubs in the city, but those clubs require that you're OCA-insured before you ride with them (which I've been for the last two seasons). There were more than a few reasons why it made sense to register with Shack Pack to get that insurance (they're literally a minute away from my apartment), so I just bit the bullet and registered with them. The short of all of this is: I'm OCA-registered with Shack Pack Cycling Club, but identify as Bikes on Wheels Women. This is not my ideal trajectory for this cycling season, but hey, I'm making do! And SPCC are rad people :) 


7) Odds and ends: you should "do cookies"; listen to Kendrick Lamar's DAMN.; watch Master of None Season 2; eat at Fat Pasha


I don't quite understand how I'm even more in love with Matt now now that we live three blocks within each other (after a year and a half of being short-long-distance). But here I am.... *looks out the window and shakes head*... I am so goddamn, fucking lucky, it makes me cry and you can end now, world...