Things that happened between the last time and now...

I deleted a looooooot of drafts until I said to this one, "If it's slop, you need to post it anyway."


...'not perfect'.

Also, this won't be published in the New York Times ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In no particular order...

(Non)-summer ended

The thing is that "summer will never come" for us because *salty-as-fuck warning* we can't manage our expectations of what we want summer to be and climate change will never give us what we want... - OR - it will give us what we don't want or give us what we want at the wrong time. It rained so goddamn much that I can fill a suburban family van of all the emails I received this season saying a ride's been cancelled and temperatures from literal hell arrived so late that it made late September jarring and unbearable to live through. Our planet is being so weird right now (yes, I know, by our own hand, I get it). 

I watched a pro race for the first time!

The pros come to Canada! And we went to see them! Matt and I, my cousin and her bf, and our friend of TransAm fame (I think we all need to relax, I heard him in the bathroom......) made the trip to Montréal to watch the UCI World Grand Prix. It was very mind-blowing and I legit felt death waiting there for me as I was trying to take this shot--

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You can't tell from the shot, but I was on the edge of the curb and the riders were maybe a metre away from me, I could feel the power coming off them like a thousand punches to the face. I also got to see 3x World Champion Peter "Three-Pete" Sagan in the flesh, although it was a shame that he reported that this was a "weird race" (it was, mostly because this wasn't the most prestigious of UCI world tour races and a lot of the dudes just came through to grab their cheques and go because #canadasucksforcycling. This showed in the major lack of exciting bunch sprinting at the end of the race).

I also scored this:

Other than the race, Hudson (to visit Matt's grandparents) and Montréal were perfect, PERFECT. I forgot how beautiful Montréal was (I hadn't been back in-- 7+ years!?). We ate nothing but beige-coloured foods.


Rick & Morty Season 3

Fuck, how fucking lit was this season? And this was a not-quite-but-almost Willy Wonka comeback where the show disappeared and everyone doubted it even coming close to being as good as it was the first two seasons IF it was coming back. I would argue and say that Season 3 was better and smarter and wackier than the first two. Well worth the wait. I can't even pin what my favourite episode was (and I don't want to be as obvious as the Pickle Rick fluffers :P)... the whole season had NO fat, just all quality. 



If I began to back-link all the entries where I mention that I'd never buy a cyclocross bike, we'd be here all night.  But it happened. And it happened in a really unexpected way that resulted in me buying one that was absolutely not on my radar. Here it is!


I also didn't know I was going to come around on an aluminum frame, but... here we are. Getting rad on an aluminum frame and loving it.  


One of the most "serendipitous" things that has ever happened to us...

...and, I don't believe in serendipity (--as a crutch religion as so many have treated it, along with karma and all the other factions that believe you have NOTHING to do with your circumstances but somehow all good things are owed to you without having to do anything, short of shutting your eyes really tight and wishing)*. I believe it's all just chaos and sometimes you incidentally win a lottery... 

*oh wait, I believe in Mercury in Retrograde, that shit's actually real though.

This comes in two parts...

Part I - Last year, I played shitty girlfriend and went ahead and saw Arrival without Matt, eeeeven though I said I'd wait for him (for effect, I should probably mention that Matt's a big sci-fi nerd [I am too, but less so]). We were living apart at the time and I wasn't sure if it was still going to be in theatres if I waited. Impatience got the best of me.

So that was a shitty thing I did and I actually treated it like DEBT hanging over me. And I treated it this way because after seeing Arrival, I realized that I robbed mine and Matt's couple-ness of a mind-blowing experience that really was meant to be had and shared together between two sci-fi nerds. After I came out of the theatre, with my brain leaking out of my ears, I felt an emptiness and guilt for not having experienced the film with Matt (and him living semi-far away really put more weight on that feeling). And of all people, I knew he was going to enjoy it more than anyone. I instead went with a buddy of mine who got all cyborg on me and asked why I cried at the end. I didn't have Matt to turn to to be all slack-jawed in awe with.

This was almost a year ago. Since then, I had been trying to find ways to pay off the debt, from trying to find a private theatre in some friend's condo building and doing an HDMI set-up to finding a big-ass TV with blaring surround sound. I needn't give reason why this absolutely had to be watched on a big screen with good sound. You've seen, you've heard, you know.

I felt I was coming too close to just opening up Netflix on a laptop and saying, "I give up, but you need to watch this, baby..." (the equivalent to watching 2001 on your phone)

And then...

 TIFF Bell Lightbox were screening a bunch of Villeneuve films, including Arrival, in honour of the release of Blade Runner 2049!-- 


Part II - The house that Matt's apartment exists in was put on the market and sold so he was getting evicted (I mean, less sinister than it sounds, it wasn't like he was making meth in his bedroom). The plan was for us to move out of our respective spaces by the end of this year anyway and for us to find a place to move into together (!) --we just didn't anticipate it being so soon.

Almost the first apartment space I came across on ViewIt was too good to be true. I wasn't serious, I was pipe-dreaming. I don't think I even prefaced the link with anything when I flipped it over to Matt. But when I got an emphatic 'YES' from him, I started correspondence with the landlords. I suddenly went from casual apartment gazing to being so insanely, NEUROTICALLY invested in this one space. I came off thirstier than Drake for Rihanna in my emails. And I couldn't even look at any other space that Matt was linking me to (even if it was better), this was THE ONE. YES TO THE DRESS, THIS ONE. These overly-hopeful emotions began to mix with the anxiety of potentially not getting the place and the dread of continuing the apartment hunt beyond this. At the same time, Matt's training and racing schedule was disrupted by all of this and so he had no outlet either for his own personal tension. Between the both of us, the energy from stress we were both carrying prooooobably could've solved the energy crisis.

I had zero grip, zero chill. I slept fitfully. All I did at work after we submitted our paperwork was refresh my inbox over and over. 

The day finally came when Matt and I were to see Arrival. By this point, I had loosened my grip on getting this specific apartment. I resigned myself to the fact that this is the nature of Toronto apartment hunting and that I'm going to have to cope better with potentially being homeless *shrug*.

For now, I'm going to have this dinner+movie date with the one I love and revel in its sweetness.

A few hours before I had to meet Matt for dinner and then the film, I got home from work and saw that the landlords had sent us a copy of the lease...........

...that subsequent dinner+movie date was the best I ever had with him :)



P.S. Matt hated Arrival.

P.P.S. j/k, j/k Matt loved Arrival, his brain exploded.