Calm before the storm.

Oof. Sorry for the lack of updates.

Since I have a bit of time right now, I can say some things.

So if you don’t know by now, I’m no longer working in the chocolate lab at my workplace. That’s been the case for about two and a half months now. I requested a transfer into pastry and it’s a space where I’m actually happier, CONSIDERABLY less stressed, and not having to manage my anxiety at peak levels every time a shift ends (yes, that’s right). If I describe anything beyond this, I’m afraid it’ll get inflammatory and probably even defamatory, in the legal sense. I just don’t want to get caught and canned.

Making the decision to leave the chocolate lab was truly a difficult and weighty one, an extremely heartbreaking one, and I still haven’t stopped the bleeding from it. It’s so strange because for so much of my 20s, I had seriously dreamed of working for the place I do now, and in the pastry kitchen no less. But by the circumstances of how I got there— got HERE, NOW— how that dream actually came TRUE— it wasn’t so ideal.

It is indeed a bittersweet situation. But things have settled now and slowed to normal, day-to-day routine. The learning curves are getting less steep and I’m running around a lot less like a chicken with its head cut off. I still love what I do albeit it’s in a different space with different materials. I love who I work with (which really is paramount) and I’m learning so much and it’s all invaluable...

But I’m very eager to get back into chocolate work again.

And I will.

More on that later. At some point.

Matt and I took off to Spain last month and I just… need to live there now.

Fucking look at this…


I threw no filter on that, it’s as raw as it gets. And I need to be there again.

I was so bummed and bitter about losing the cycling season this year to making room for the new gig. But as you can see, I got everything back and more.

Sometimes, shit just works itself out. We just never know when and that’s the frustrating part.

Unfortunately, Spain was my one and only out-of-province/country escape for the year. With the industry I work in, it’s crucial for me to be here all the way through ‘til New Year’s and not in Edmonton for my yearly Christmas pilgrimage. I’ve officially entered the Christmas war zone and it’s manageable for now, but I really am sitting in the moment of the calm before the storm. It’s a terrifying, ominous feeling. And I really hope I make it over the finish line alive.

Alright, wrapping this up. Trump still sucks, our provincial premiere sucks, weed legalization is a-okay, I’m listening to a shit-tonne of Earl Sweatshirt of all things, and I’m a book and a half away from my 20-books-read goal for the year. And nothing’s on TV and I still can’t speak French.

Catch you on the flip,