The best of 2018...

Film of the Year

Annihilation (in the theatre)


Honourable mentions: Tully

TV Show of the Year

Peaky Blinders


Honourable mentions: Deutschland 83; The Expanse

Documentary of the Year

This falls under the “if I had more time” things-to-do list. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch any this year.

Book of the Year

A.M. Homes’s May We Be Forgiven


And here is my brief review of it on my GoodReads page…

May We Be ForgivenMay We Be Forgiven by A.M. Homes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Like if Jason Reitman directed his next film while tripping hard balls on acid. Homes loses marks for using unforgivable and unnecessary racist tropes, so this gets a 4.5.

Otherwise, such a piece of dark, comic, fucked-up masterwork and you’re creepily enthralled from the start, like watching Britney unravel in 2007. The story is surreal and unhinged, a nightmarish comedy of errors— and yet probably so on the money when depicting current suburban America... but also relieved with tender moments of almost Full-House gross sentiment. So it’s confusing if Homes is really giving a big, fat finger to the American dream in this book or she still believes in it to some degree. Whatever way it’s swinging, it’s still a fun and messed-up rollercoaster ride.

Fave book that I’ve read this year.

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I actually have some stuff to write under the book category…

I’m baffled by my own efforts that I made to read as much as I actually did this year. I am on my 20th book. I haven’t read this much since school and obviously, that wasn’t even for recreation. Granted, I had a good amount of time at the beginning of the year to kill. But still. I just read and read and read. Most of the ones I went through were excellent. Some were numbers I just wish didn’t pass through my brain at all and were a complete waste of time.

Album of the Year

Earl Sweatshirt’s Some Rap Songs


The cut-off date is November. Normally, I’ve already made up my mind about who gets the award, but the fact is that this year was a shockingly garbage year for music. Nothing good came out, nothing sounded good. I even think that The Internet, as much as I love them, came out with something overrated and mediocre (in comparison to their previous release, which I’m still obsessed with). And so I closed the door and decided that nothing made the category this year…

But Earl Sweatshirt squeaked by with Some Rap Songs at the last minute and I can’t ignore it. It’s goddamn good.

Biggest Disappointment:

Kanye’s Ye.

Best Song of the Year

Troye Sivan’s My My My!

Simple, catchy, feel-good, fun, dance-able. Every time I bump into this track on my Spotify, I’ll listen to it at least three more times before I feel like I’ve gotten my fill.

Fun fact: this woman, who once did my face, is related to Troye Sivan :)

Close second: This is America by Childish Gambino.

Best New Artist of the Year

Yaeji. I know she really broke out last year, but… that EP, man. Make it rain, gurl.

Overrated Artist of the Year

Cardi B.

Concert of the Year

Radiohead - 07.19.2018 at Air Canada Centre

Podcast of the Year

The Dave Chang Show

But particularly this episode…

It is fucking UNHINGED in the best way. It’s long as fuck (it’s almost two and a half hours long), but from first to last, you’re just tripping down a hole. Matt and I listened to it during a drive back from Owen Sound and we didn’t even talk to each other almost the entire time. We were too enthralled by what was actually coming out of the car speakers. If you have time to burn or you’re in the kitchen or doing art or something, just throw it on in the background.

Website of the Year

With how much I was reading, it was fun and motivating to keep visible track of it all on this website.

YouTube Channel of the Year

Bon Appétit

I’ve really enjoyed this channel this year, it’s so entertaining, even if I’ve taken issue with some of ‘Gourmet Makes’ approaches to hacking whatever the subject food is (as a chocolatier, I wanted to rip my hair out when watching the way Claire tried to make Kit-Kats). But it’s good, solid, ‘infotainment’ (worst portmanteau). I love watching Claire and Brad. My love for them felt even more validated when I found out my heroine follows them too.

Instagram of the Year

Amaury Guichon. Revered by the pastry world over, this dude (who is really effing young, by the way, I don’t think he can even legally drink in the States), has made some monumental achievements that his cohorts and predecessors can’t even reach.

Addiction of the Year

Trail mix. Not a euphemism, I mean literally trail mix, the snack that consists of nuts and dried fruit. Any time I’ve gotten high, it was my reach-for munchie snack that I craved to the fullest.

Ride of the Year

You would think it was somewhere in Spain, but the fact is that it was my solo spin in Creemore over the summer

My season this year was drastically different than previous years. I belonged to no club, I barely saw my cycling friends and family (on account of the job), and I really only rode with Matt. It’s been hard to cope and adapt to such a big change, being so removed from the cycling world and watching it ride by before me, ride by without me. But doing that solo ride in Creemore was oddly liberating, renewing my appreciation of just pure, fresh, uncompetitive, clean-and-clear road cycling. I wish I could have that feeling about the sport and having it while riding, each and every time, at all times.

Food of the Year

Matt was nailing the sourdough game in our kitchen this year, and on his first few tries no less (it makes me heat up with jealousy). We’ve eaten so much homemade sourdough that we don’t even by local market or even supermarket bread anymore. Why would we?

A close runner-up is cannelé de Bordeaux, courtesy of my work. It opened my eyes and belly up to the most sinfully and unapologetically rich custardy amuse bouche. There is just nothing like it. Who invented this. Whose back of the hand do I need to kiss.

App of the Year

The RBC app? I’m not kidding. They’ve made some upgrades that have made it so simple and super user friendly now. Plus, now that I’m back to depositing my paycheques (because my workplace is ridiculous that way), the app makes it easy to deposit money without having to march to the nearest bank. I can track my spending habits and see how much I’ve saved and spent. I’m at a point where I have to be wise and super adult about how I manage and handle my money and the RBC app enables this without being an asshole parent about it.

Memorable Death of Year

Anthony Bourdain

08-anthony-bourdain-2.w700.h467 (1).jpg

This one felt like “wishing I knew who my uncle/grandfather was who died before I was born”. He died before I was born a chocolate and pastry chef this year. I didn’t know him, embarrassingly enough. I only knew him until after I read Kitchen Confidential and started watching Parts Unknown this year. And so I wish I knew and met him when he was alive. He was undoubtedly a great human, an insanely sharp and cerebral one, beyond the food and kitchen.

I wish I knew you, I have so much to ask.

Honourable mentions: Dolores O’Riordan. I’ve been singing your songs since I was 11. I was gutted.

Word of the Year


Because I’ve had to. A massive shift happened in my life, for better and for worse, and I’ve had to adapt, voluntarily and involuntarily. But it’s evolutionary.

Worst Word of the Year


Man of the Year

M.R. I will follow you into battle. You’ve taught me so much. Great leadership. Above-and-beyond hard work. Passing on technical skills that I could never have learned in school or anywhere else. Merci.

Douche(s) of the Year

Doug Ford
Joe Rogan
Jordan Peterson
Brett Kavanaugh

Lifetime Achievement award goes to Donald Trump

Woman of the Year

Michelle Wolf.

Honourable mentions:
Roxane Gay; Aparna Nancherla; Rosemarie Aquilina; Christine Blasey Ford; Emma González; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Woman We Don't Want Playing For Our Team Anymore


Influence of the Year


Honourable mention: J. Lam

WTF Moments of the Year

-Doug Ford winning the provincial election
-Trump Administration Family Separation Policy

 "Holy shit" Moment(s)/Realizations/Awesome of the Year

Becoming a pastry chef
Riding up a mountain in Spain

Year-End Note...

What is life. More will be written in the next post.