That Time Cameron Crowe Replied To Me On Twitter...

I popped in Say Anything last night (it's actually on Netflix so I didn't "pop in" anything, but I miss VHS like that)

Twenty minutes in, I was wondering if I should've chosen John Hughes instead, even though I really needed to watch the go-get-her determination and zeal of Lloyd Dobler. But then I was sadly reminded that that sort of charming neediness paired perfect with profound and impressive self-awareness has never, ever existed inside or outside of high school. And it makes me hate things and reality.

I'm sort of derailing here, but this is what I'm getting at--

Mini life highlight. S'cuse me while I go bang out and pitch a script within the next five minutes so that I don't miss that window.


P.S. Vanilla Sky is actually my favourite Cameron Crowe film.