How To Hide One Billion Beaver Monies!

I wanna throw this out there: I feel genuinely miffed when I post an article on my Facebook that matters and would have an actual impact on people's lives on a critical level and it gets no likes and creates no waves. I'm not worried about getting prime numbers of likes itself where I somehow translate that into people liking me as a person as a weird validation thingy. That's not what I'm here for. I'm here to see if people give a shit about the things that matter most and fully grasp how fucked up the world is like I do. So when I see 'zero likes', I work that out in my head as 'zero interest' and 'zero comprehension'. That is upsetting, especially contrasted with the photo of a fucking donut I posted right below it, which got 1,000 likes (not literally, but 30+ likes will sometimes feel like 1,000). 

This Panama Papers leak? People should be fucking LIT by this if we collectively bitch soooooooooo much about the 1% getting everything, getting away with EVERYTHING. This is solid evidence OF EXACTLY THAT

And if you still don't get it, then I'll make it oh-so-very personal for you so that you can finally join in on picking up your jaw off the floor...

I pay tax, you pay tax, we pay tax. It's the price we pay to live in this country. A lot of people struggle to pay taxes-- and maybe you're one of them!-- because you're in a fuckload of debt and you're in that debt for any number of reasons-- born into poverty; inherited debt; supporting an ill loved one; ran away from abusive spouse that was financially supporting you; you can't get a well-paying job or any paying job due to lack of experience and education (because you can't afford to go to school), or you're in a REALLY fucked position where you can't get a job that school promised you and you're in debt because of school-- any number of reasons, not a lot of people can just MAKE and HAVE and ACQUIRE money so easily as others think. So you're balancing right on that line of poverty and struggling to pay taxes--

And then you see some asshole... let's call him V. Putin... no wait, that's too obvious, okay, Vladimir P.--

Vladdy, probably through shady business trading practices and killing lots of people by the command of a head nod, acquired $2billion. And with the help of some more assholes, he HID that money--albeit technically legally, but still really fucking shadily-- so that he didn't have to pay the percentage of taxes on it (which, if you think about it, the taxes alone on that would be more than you make in your lifetime-- just need to pour some more salt on that wound here). 

So... you're struggling to pay taxes--or you're even just an honest, working tax-paying citizen who has to forfeit half of their pay cheque every month-- while a world leader or celebrity who takes a Scrooge McDuck-type money bath on the reg, could very well afford to pay their taxes but "evades" paying them by having it in a place where it can't be taxed...

Do you get it now? If you need it hitting closer to home because your home is not Mother Russia, then click the above HuffPo link. Right on our home soil, there are some Canadian Liberal senators who hid money too, they were probably right beside you doing it!!!!!!!!! (probably, Canada is a tiny country)

So like my fucking post on Facebook instead of the goddamn donut and get fucking lit about this (or at least stay informed). Understand what matters and what impacts you. After all, this is only the biggest leak in whistleblower history.

Please watch this video by the ICIJ for further insight as to who exactly are Mossack Fonseca and who their clientele are... it is harrowing to learn who they've been protecting...

And additionally, here's a piece by Vice, suitably titled 'HERE'S WHY YOU SHOULD GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE PANAMA PAPERS'.