How to watch Arrested Development Season 4...


Happy Arrested Development Day! (two days ago)

For whatever reason, there’s an “#ArrestedDevelopmentDisappointed” Twitter hashtag. Of course, the tweets that are being pumped out under this hashtag are stupid and stupid. So-called “fans” who are shitting all over the show (seemingly being only three or four episodes into the new season *jerk-off motion*) have revealed themselves as having never really understood the essence of Arrested Development in the first place.

Problem: People want the joke now.
Solution: Wait for the joke.

If Season 4 was chockfull of cheap gags, hooked-lined-sunk in 2 seconds, people would abandon Arrested Development, full stop. Go watch Friends then if you can’t wait. Keep filling that can with laughter. Arrested Development is a multi-layered, super self-referential series where their jokes snowball and gain size and momentum over time. How did we forget this?

They had to set up new jokes, they had to. Otherwise, the show would’ve been boring and predictable. And setting up new jokes of Arrested Development calibre requires time and patience. It’s a 15-episode season and this is all we get until the movie, but it’s not as condensed as people think it is. These jokes have a fair amount of mileage on them and they move both forwards and backwards. A sweat lodge by itself isn’t funny. How the show continue to use the sweat lodge in the most absurd of ways is hilarious and also genius and is also considered good, smart comedy writing. This is quintessential Arrested Development, as was:

-Lucille/Loose seal
-Banana stand/”there’s always money in the banana stand”
-“solid as a rock”/rock-paper-scissors/giant rock-paper-scissors
-Mr. F/MRF
-Buster’s hand chair/Buster’s hand-hook
-George Sr. hiding out underground/Saddam Hussein
-GOB’s magic/Poof magazine
-DeBrie/Debris (oops, sorry! Wait, your fault because you threw in the fucking towel after watching only the first three episodes. Go take your Ritalin now)


As they do in tee-ball, they’re setting it up.

Tips: Stay with the show, see through the first three episodes, because those first three are all foundation work laid for the mausoleum-sized, shoddily-built model home of absurd hilarity that later ensues.