women in cycling

How Pinarello fucked up and non-apologized for it...

In short: Pinarello developed a new e-road bike and they hired ad men from the 1960's to be in charge of their dated, sexist marketing campaign. Read all about it here.

I had some thoughts of my own about it, displayed below:


Then Pinarello apologized on their Instagram account, but not really...

They don't know why or how they fucked up, they just know that they did after being pummeled with hate, mockery, dropped ridership, and consumers handing in their loyalty membership card from the world cycling contingent. 

Here's where it gets REALLY annoying though...

The men got it... but only up until after the apology was issued, which they-- accepted? I guess, on behalf of women? You can see it in the Instagram comments all the way down. 

Pro-tip: you shouldn't accept an apology on behalf of the victim if you're not the victim. It's like if I got punched in the face and you didn't and my aggressor apologized for punching me in the face, and you say, "I accept their apology for them punching you in the face.". This is the best and most easy metaphor to absorb for this situation. 

Just like you would never hear a woman speak to the experience of getting kicked in the balls. We have no authority over that experience, just like men don't have authority over the experiences of us women. I don't believe I've EVER heard a woman tell a man to "relax" or say "you're being too sensitive" after witnessing a man getting their dick smashed. Because she can't speak to that experience, it's not possible. And if she does, then they're either in transition (legit) or she's a woman who's pompous and ridiculous enough to tell a man to relax after getting their dick smashed.

Just like men can't speak to when a woman experiences targeted sexism. It's not possible because men aren't the ones who're affected, it's not possible for them to know what that feels like.

...So men: stop trying to control how we should and fucking shouldn't feel. It's not of your fucking concern. It doesn't affect you. Just sit down, shut-up, and let us decide if we want to either accept or not the "apology" meant for us.